Up to 60% OFF Sale NOW ON!

1128411_37648354Our Stocktake Sale is now ON!!! Up to 60% OFF most brands and more to come. We really need to make room for new stock that are coming in by the boxes so we are in desperate need to get rid of older stock as we are running out of space in our small warehouse.

At the moment we are featuring all items from the Kandy Crew range. These stylish pieces are all from the girls range only and consist mostly of dresses. They are well made and unique in designs. Here are some of the styles currently still available. Grab a bargain today at www.oozos.com.au.


jona maggie_frontrenneryashra_dusty_pinkwendyphilippa


Our New Staff Member Who May Not Pass Probation

We haven’t been able to post as much here on our page and we blame our new staff member. She’s been with us for 4 months today and has not been of much help. We showed her how to use the computer but she stared at us blankly. We involved her with packing and stocktake but she just laid there and fell asleep. So we thought, we’d try to give her a different task, try on some clothes. What do you think? Should she pass her probation? –oozos team


Purple Orchard


We, Mommies, always want the best for our babies. We tend to be meticulous when it comes to giving them the right food or gear or whatever it is that we give our little babes. The same care goes with the garments they wear. It bothers us when our little tykes look untidy or uncomfortable with their clothes. That is why we would eventually invest on the right clothing made with the best possible fiber there is. That happens most of the time, albeit it costs a fortune for some moms.

Still, it does not mean moms need to go overspending on baby clothes. Our little ones normally grow very fast that before we knew it, they have already outgrown those cute fashionable clothes. So before investing on baby clothes, ensure quality over quantity firsthand.

Purple Orchard, an Australian brand comes with awesomely beautiful apparels specially made for our babies. And those are not just made stylish. They are also of good quality. I say of good quality because Purple Orchard produces organic cotton clothes. What’s with organic cotton that it is best for your baby? If you are familiar with natural cotton before, you might as well know that these kinds of fiber are harvested. Thus, they are soaked with pesticide and insecticide.  That could lead to your baby having some skin irritations. Purple Orchard, comes with a range of organic and fashionable garments for our precious ones.

Check out Purple Orchard baby outfits now available at www.oozos.com.au.

Fun-filled Market Day!

A snapshot of our stallLast Saturday, 16 February we embarked on our very 1st OOZOS Market Stall! We’ve been discussing the idea for a while and so when the opportunity came to grab a last-minute stall at the Sydney Style Markets at Leichardt last week, of course!!! …we jumped, jumped and jumped some more at the chance!

We only had two days to prepare for it. It was hectic but exciting at the same time!  Though we ended up sleep-deprived , the adrenaline and excitement kept us up and…going and going!

We felt sooo blessed by the beautiful weather on the day, though there were a few showers early in the night, we noticed that it didn’t deter the customers and supporters! Woo hoo! A great, fantastic day indeed! We met  a lot of lovely customers and stallholders who had a lot of lovely things to say about our clothing range!

Our favourite and cutest customer at the Markets!

Needless to say, the 3 of us will most definitely have another market stall again.. where?? Hmmm… keep an eye out on this page!!!

The OOZOS Team at the Sydney Style at Leichardt

The OOZOS Team at the Sydney Style at Leichardt

Twice the love for this monster of a range!


Amor Amor was founded by 3 spirited Colombian friends who left their homeland and followed their dreams of building a new life in a Australia. Their  philosophy is simple: “ To create truly unique pieces by transforming everyday items and adding a little creative twist!

The OOZOS team have fallen in love with these unique designs and fantastic fabrics used!!! The common monster theme across the range is gorgeous and hardly scary! Our kids love them! There’s something for all kids from babies to toddlers, boys and girls! You can check out the entire Amor Amor range at the oozos website, http://www.oozos.com.au.

Here are some of our favourites:


Aqua Striped Short-Sleeve Top. Available at http://www.oozos.com.au.


Monster Applique Skirt, Green Blue. Also available in red/navy or pink/brown. Check it out at http://www.oozos.com.au.


Leggings / Pants for babies and toddlers. Available at http://www.oozos.com.au


Grey monster onesies. Available at http://www.oozos.com.au


Monster leggings artist kit inc washable fabric markers. Available at http://www.oozos.com.au


White singlet with grey monster embroidery. Available at http://www.oozos.com.au


Yellow Striped Short-Sleeve Onesie. Available at http://www.oozos.com.au


Yellow Striped Short-Sleeve Top. Available at http://www.oozos.com.au