Our New Staff Member Who May Not Pass Probation

We haven’t been able to post as much here on our page and we blame our new staff member. She’s been with us for 4 months today and has not been of much help. We showed her how to use the computer but she stared at us blankly. We involved her with packing and stocktake but she just laid there and fell asleep. So we thought, we’d try to give her a different task, try on some clothes. What do you think? Should she pass her probation? –oozos team



I Ought to Be in Pictures…

As the famous saying goes… ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. There is no better way for us to showcase our line than to give our customers the best photos to say it all for us!  With hundreds of products, we definitely cannot write a thousand-word description of each product (and like anyone would read a thousand-word-description anyway, right?) But a high quality, high definition photo?  As online consumers ourselves, we believed that was the way to go!

So..first we need a high quality camera, so off to the store Winston went and came back with…lunch? Ummm…where’s the camera? It was decided we needed to research this first. So we google-raced each other again and found the best ‘how to’s’ online… Wow! there are a lot of people out there with time on their hands, perhaps some of these people might want to work for us instead?

As none of us are professional photographers, we had to first learn. So obviously, we turned to YouTube. (As anyone would these days!) Its amazing the amount of ‘how to’ videos you can find there. (Even how to cut your own hair which people in our office actually tried and it came out amazing…saved $50…do my hair next please!!)

Back to our photos… As one of us went to the store to buy all our photographic needs… please do not come back with more food, unless its chocolates!  The rest of us busied ourselves with making our photo booth, setting up the lighting and preparing the products.

Here’s a slideshow of our process, booth and our works of art! Yes, we did it all ourselves! Thanks to all the kind people in the world wide web who shared their knowledge and experiences via youtube!

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