Celebrity Kids Who Rocks the Fashion Scene

What is one perk of being a star? Obviously, these stars we see on TV and movies get the chance to wear the nicest, sometimes the priciest clothes out there! Let’s admit it, celebs give us that wardrobe issues because of the expensive clothes they wear. How much more when it comes to their kids? These young ones never get out of style as well! Here is a rundown of celebrity kids who are as fashionable as their parents.

Suri Cruise

Photo from Celebrity Baby Scoop

Being the only daughter of two famous and well-dressed Hollywood stars, there is no doubt why Suri is undeniably a dashing celebrity kid at an early age. With Tom Cruise as the father and Katie Holmes as her mom, there is no surprise as to why her wardrobe can cost thousands of dollars. We often see paparazzi pictures of this girl wearing cute little dresses and it’s just so nice looking at her angelic face!

Honor Warren

Photo from Just Jarred

Jessica Alba’s first-born is as good-looking as her mom. In fact, on her birthday last year, Honor wore a pretty purple dress which made her look like a real princess.

Cruz Beckham

Celebrities+Attending+Cruz+Beckham+Birthday+Ins05X8i-v7lPhoto from Zimbio

Victoria and David Beckham’s son is also known for being stylish at a young age, with no other than her mother taking charge of his wardrobe. As a proof, the Beckham boys always wear trendy costumes on their birthday parties.




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