Twice the love for this monster of a range!


Amor Amor was founded by 3 spirited Colombian friends who left their homeland and followed their dreams of building a new life in a Australia. Their  philosophy is simple: “ To create truly unique pieces by transforming everyday items and adding a little creative twist!

The OOZOS team have fallen in love with these unique designs and fantastic fabrics used!!! The common monster theme across the range is gorgeous and hardly scary! Our kids love them! There’s something for all kids from babies to toddlers, boys and girls! You can check out the entire Amor Amor range at the oozos website,

Here are some of our favourites:


Aqua Striped Short-Sleeve Top. Available at


Monster Applique Skirt, Green Blue. Also available in red/navy or pink/brown. Check it out at


Leggings / Pants for babies and toddlers. Available at


Grey monster onesies. Available at


Monster leggings artist kit inc washable fabric markers. Available at


White singlet with grey monster embroidery. Available at


Yellow Striped Short-Sleeve Onesie. Available at


Yellow Striped Short-Sleeve Top. Available at


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