Christmas is near….OOZOS Promotions, Specials and Giveaways

Christmas is only a few weeks away…eeeekkkk!!!! I certainly know how most parents feel about this! I’m personally dreading the thought of going shopping with my kids in tow and whilst heavily pregnant, to complete the very, very, very, very, very long list of loved ones I have to buy presents for….(please wait while I hyperventilate at the thought…..)

The thought of buying everyone vouchers or items from online stores (in the comfort of my home,  in particular in the kitchen near the fridge where I keep the ice cream and chocolate=)… hmmmm… chocolate)  definitely sounds heaps more appealing and likely what I’ll end up doing. In light of this and to help out other moms and dads out there, who may be in the same boat…. we have come up with great promotions leading up to Christmas…

We hope you like them and do take advantage of our offers at

Happy Shopping!

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Eternal Love For This Creation

One of the newest labels we welcome to the oozos site this month is the highly impressive Eternal Creation range.

Beautifully designed and magnificently crafted, the high quality of these products clearly prove that they were manufactured with love!  The unique designs and stylish fabrics finished with high quality stitching has made this range a quick favourite!

We were also very inspired by the Eternal Creation Story! (yes we love reading and sharing business success stories!)  The Eternal Creation clothing are made in the Himalayas and designed by Aussie designer, Frances Carrington. Her determination and perseverance to find a way to use her skills and benefit the local Tibetan community in the Himalayas have been the key to her success!

We guarantee that you will also feel endless love for these designs as we have! So hurry and check out the rest of the Eternal Creation range here