Another Achievement – Sitelinks

Wow. Google,  just in time for its own 14th birthday, has given Oozos a nice gift – sitelinks! Yay!  Sitelinks are those extra links on one’s site that appear at the bottom of (usually) the home page link or title – letting people know of the particular site’s other content that may be of particular interest.

Oozos's sitelinks

If anyone searches now for “oozos kids clothes“,  our page’s sitelinks would show up. This is no mean feat, as SEO would tell you, that it takes a LOT of time for sitelinks to appear on webpages.  This is a fully automated procedure by Google, and cannot be fudged.  We are resigned to the fact that we may not even see those sitelinks appear even after a year. But hey, we are only 2 months-young, and by golly – we made it!

It wasn’t easy, of course. We have to be active socially, blogging regularly, improving our site, selling a lot, attracting a lot of traffic. Thank God we made it.

SEO, along with the many tribulations of setting up an online store, is really difficult – like getting into Harvard.  Which reminds us of that quotable quote in the movie Legally Blonde:

Legally Blonde

What? Like, it’s hard?

Warner Huntington III: You got into Harvard Law?
Elle: What? Like, it’s hard?

Yeah right.

Bring out the cake and drinks! … and happy 14th birthday, Google! And happy 2-monthsary for oozos!


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