We Know Exactly How She Does It!

 So what’s a typical day in the OOZOS office like? Aside from the energetic atmosphere from the team of moms and dad exchanging ideas, the boxes of stylish and trendy kids clothes, laughter and food,  I felt that we could soooo relate to this cartoon. Either in the office or working from home, we have our kids around, all boys… ALL very active, energetic, happy boys who we all love dearly and are very attached to us. =)

At times, we’ve had to do this mom (or dad)-on-a-business-phone-call dance to the tune of “Stop! In the name “what do you need now??!”, or perhaps to the tune of “Rescue Me” as sang by any of our boys aged between 2-8 years. 

It can be really challenging at times and a real test to our patience. But after years of working together on various projects and being parents, we’ve learned how to manage, cope and keep going with the tasks at hand.

So just like in the movie starring Jessica Parker, ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It”, where we try to balance careers and families,(also volunteer work and this business for us!), we cope with it by helping each other out, taking it one day at a time and with a truckload of patience and smiles. We want our kids to look back at this busy, fun, hectic and chaotic time of our lives one day and be proud of what we’ve accomplished and hopefully recall how much they’ve enjoyed being part of the ride!


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