We’ve Made it to Page #1! Whoohoo!

oozos kids clothes first page in Google

Wow….! Wow! Wow! We made it into the first page of Google search (dated 1/09/2012 – Father’s Day eve in Australia). So if anyone Google searches for “kids clothes“, we would come up on page number one. Numero uno.

We can’t contain the excitement. After just over a month of SEO work, optimising our site for keywords, and being so socially active in Facebook, Twitter and this blog… we crawled our way to page number one.

Thanks for all our friends who have liked us, talked about us and tweeted about us. We’ve made it there and hopefully we stay there (Google’s placement is based on so many factors and sometimes we move from page to page). So please keep on searching for us using “kids clothes“, or “kids clothes shop n earn” and be sure to click on us.  We appreciate all the help.

Love you, guys!


4 thoughts on “We’ve Made it to Page #1! Whoohoo!

  1. congratulation! Its really exciting to get onto the first page of google.

    Something else you may look at is switching to a self hosted worpress site. Have it as an extension of your main site. Right now you are actually making your worpress.com blog site compete directly against your direct site. Combining them into one will make you rank higher for that keyword, and also open some other keywords up to you that you maybe didn’t focus on.

    Keep it up!

    • Hmm. Interesting concept, never thought of that. I’ve always thought doing it here in wordpress would get me more validity as this ranks really well… But we’ll have a look soon. Thanks for the tip!

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