Feel Inside

Ah, the Flight of the Conchords… they’re the reason we Aussies love New Zealand. (Sure, there may be some other reason, but….) And this so amazingly good, so hilariously heart-warming that we just have to share it.  This is for their charitable goal,  “All proceeds go to Cure Kids – a NZ charity that provides funds for medical research into life-threatening childhood illnesses.”  The NZ comedy duo flew straight to number one on iTunes with this song, the lyrics are based on interviews they did with children. The result is a heart-warming collage of witty hilarity this duo is so famous for.

Watch the video and maybe consider buying their song on iTunes and help the charity along.

Watch the equally funny actual takes of their interviews with kids on youtube.


Tramming It In Style

Excited to have been able to spend last weekend in Melbourne to admire the city sights, shop, fall in love (with hubby again!) and visit the Kids In Style Trade Fair. Thankfully the weather was great…well chilly… but no rain…. well maybe just a little drizzle…but forgave Melbourne for that because I just truly LOVED it! The shopping was fantastic and the food was absolutely amazing!

Now if you’ve been following our blogs, you’d realise we love to eat. Out of all the variety I tried in our short time in Melbourne, these are 2 of the food highlights for me that I highly recommend. I know this is not a food or travel blog though we did mention in one of other blogs that maybe we should do a simultaneous one just because we love to eat.. but I just have to mention it because I would go back to Melbourne just to eat there again!

We’re highly recommending Movida Tapas Bar where we had dinner on our last night and Lord of the Fries where we grabbed a quick bite to eat before going to the trade fair.

Now back to the actual point of this blog….Kids In Style. The products on display and atmosphere at the trade show were very impressive! The people we met were so friendly and supportive, we definitely felt the love! I’m glad we decided to go down this path, especially as most involved, if not all, are mums and dads just like us! Juggling their busy lives with running a business and raising kids! Truly inspirational from my view! If they can manage to do that and more… then there is no excuse for us!

We were delighted to see new brands, amazing products and gorgeous designs! Also grateful and thankful there was a complimentary  bus from the city to Melbourne Showgrounds as well as we got to see more of Melbourne, including driving past the Flemington  Racecourse where Melbourne Cup is held every year!

Visit their numerous exhibitors who impressed us at the fair:  www.kidsinstyle.com.au. We think they will impress you as well!
And you never know….. some of them may just appear on our site in the next few months!

Let us know if there’s any particular one you would like to see us stock!

By Vanessa=)