Take A Bao

You all thought I spelt ‘bow’ wrong didn’t you? Don’t worry, I’ve mastered spell check and thesauring  (is that a word?) so any misspelt words in these blogs were not done by me or were done in purpose or I was making up words to start a trend, like ‘thesauring’ Yes…that’ll be my excuse.

Well, what’s new this week? The oozos team were all smiles as we took a bao….well, its actually Baobab we ‘took’ on…as our latest trendy brand to feature on our site. Yes, our newest label on board is a fashion brand of beautiful and original basics, conceived by designer and mum, Belinda Blooman. Baobab clothing has become renowned for it’s clean design focus, simple detailing and it’s distinctive graphic prints. Its been featured in kidstylefile, Vogue Australia, Shop 4 Kids, Parenting Australia, Mother and Baby, Sunday Magazine, and many, many, many, many more!

We love Baobab’s truly unique, stylish and trendy designs and especially the fabric used which  is primarily from certified organic cotton knit fabrics. Its sooooo soft!

Here are some of our favourite styles from their range. At this stage, our stocks are limited so hurry over and take a Baobab!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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