How Sweet It Is

This week was a marvelous week for us… Vanessa was back, thank God!… though we’re not sure where she went? Winston is so hyper, likely from all the sugar or excitement about our site….or possible stress….. and Mariel, as usual, is her happy, relaxed, bouncy self. But most of all, the main reason why this week was worth celebrating for us is the fact that WE FOUND OUR 5TH BRAND!! (Yey!!)

We have been searching high and low, north to south, east to west, up and down, forward and back…. we’ve put our right and left hands, legs, head, shoulders, knees and toes  in and out and shook it all about (if you only knew what we went through!)  for the right brand that would meet our standards and taste! And low and behold…. it was right at our very doorstep! (or rather the doorstep of our local mall)

How sweet it is indeed that we now have Kandy Krew on board!!! We have been avid fans of their styles and a frequent shopper at their store and now that we have been given the privilege to stock their products, is a really cause for glees and yipees and yahoos! (okay, settle down…)

For those of you who are not familiar or frequent shoppers at Rouse Hill Town Centre, Kandy Krew retails quality-inspired clothing including party and smart casual clothes for infants, toddlers, and little girls and boys. They were founded by an amazing husband and wife team, Glenice and Jerry in 2007.

Meeting the owners of Kandy Krew has been one of the highlights of our journey, so far! We are amazed by their own journey through the business world and inspired by their lives. Not only because they run (multiple) businesses whilst raising a family but also with their commitment to supporting community and various charities. We are really looking forward to representing their brand on our site and showcasing to all of you, their unique and truly ‘sweet as kandy’ designs!

Here are some of the dresses we will be featuring.

A Warning:  The designs are extremely sweet and adorable, it may cause over-excitement and hyper-ness.

We have limited stock available at the moment so hurry over to our site if you felt the side-effects as mentioned above. Please note that we are not responsible for over-spending! =)


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