A Very Peary and Beary Day today!

Truly can’t contain our excitement over our new stock, that we just had to blog, blog, blog, about it straight away! Well.. after our coffee and snack break, of course! We really eat so much during these meetings that we probably should be doing a simultaneous food blog while we do our oozos blogs.

Our Pear and Bear range arrived today and we fought over who was going to open the box. “Ok, Winston, you win….you are already holding the sharp cuttter-thingy” (lost for words over our excitement!). Once again, Mariel and Vanessa  ‘ooohed’ and ‘aaahed’ and jumped up and down and fallen over again as we sorted through the trendy designs.

The reversible skirt is so cute and the rainy day top and skirt combination is definitely one of our favourites. We can’t wait to see these worn by trendy little girls. We really need to get started on making some for ourselves… baby girls that is!…Ummm…ok guys… I didn’t mean right this minute (vanessa *rolling eyes* over the lovey-dovey couple)

Seeing that we don’t have girls of our own (yet!), we did have some trouble figuring out how to work out the reversible pinafores..(actually just vanessa did..=) We all had a good laugh as she thought they were missing the reversed buttons. Ummm..no, you were  just not looking properly, duh! Here are some of the lovely designs from the Pear and Bear range that are available on our website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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