Houston, we have a website

Independence Day

There’s this scene in the movie Independence Day, when the good guys hooked up a Mac into the alien’s spaceship and controlled it, flew it and heroically saved the entire earth by planting a virus into the mothership’s systems. Sooo realistic, isn’t it!  That scene can really make one cry, whether in utter disbelief or just because it warms the heart to see invading aliens explode.  Whatever the case may be, it made us believe that just as long as you have a computer (a laptop definitely, and preferably a Mac), then you can do anything.

Armed with such twentyfirst century belief, what can be difficult with creating and launching a website? If a computer can cripple an entire alien race, what in this earth can be so hard in putting up an e-commerce site, right? Riiiiighhht. That’s the sound of belief in hollywood going down the drain…

After scouring the Internet with ideas and suggestions on which e-commerce software to use, downing an alien spaceship is probably easier… Or, maybe our requirements are too high then? Let’s try to list down what we want from an e-commerce site: a) has to be flexible to allow a small store at the start but can scale to a big one (of course we’re envisioning a big store in the future); b) can be theme-able, skinnable (to allow us to set a theme for seasons); c) has a back-end CMS to ease the entering of products; d) has security built in-place; e) has a lot of plug-ins; f) has good community use and lots of documentation; h) is highly configurable; i) has a history of successes;  j) has the ability to end world hunger; k) can protect the earth from invading aliens; l) and most of all, free.

Well, okay, maybe we want too much. But who wouldn’t right? So, we settled for the next best thing: Magento. It’s all of the above, except possibly points j) and k). But who knows, maybe it can do those, too. We bet they used that software in Independence Day.

So, after a week of tweaking Magento, we came up with our website. Ta-dah!

“Houston, we have a… website”. Wait, that’s from a different movie. Oh right, that’s the movie with a more believable plot. And they used a computer with less RAM than a Nokia phone and they fought alien meteorites and …


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