The Name Game…how we came up with our name

It’s a Saturday morning, and excitement is in the air! Whoohoo. Vanessa is jumpy, Mariel is twirly, and Winston is…. hungry. Before we get down and dirty on bedding down business decisions, we can’t forget the most important issue – “Which brand of coffee are we having?”

Gee… after 30 minutes of coffee and light breakfast, we have to remind ourselves that we have to decide on our business name. Discipline, people!

It was like naming our firstborn… Well, sort of! We knew from the very start that the business name will be crucial to the success of our business. Therefore, together, we researched and listed down several criteria that needed to be satisfied. Our criteria included having a name that is catchy and easy to remember (well, coz Winston is getting forgetful, so that would be a shame if one of us would forget our own name)! So, we began listing down what we think are names that represent our goals, visions and objectives.

Kids’rUs? Nah, too Toys’RUs-sy. StylishKids dot com? Maybe… Wait, we need to check if the domain is still available. Armed with three laptops, we google-raced each other. See who wins. Mariel obviously lost – she’s the slowest. Vanessa came second to last – she didn’t know where to go and kept sepelling, er, spelling things wrong. Winston won this round. Only to discover that is already registered and unavailable. Gah! Hmm, obviously someone else has already thought of that name. Okay, let’s try another one: juniorstyles dot com? Yup, taken. Fashionablekids? That, too. And so on, and on. Hang on, after about thirty, (yup, thirty times!), we began thinking, this is not the way to go. Someone in this web-universe has obviously decided to purchase all dictionary words and related phrases. And besides, we can’t go for stylishkidsinaustraliaandtheuniverse dot com. Even we can’t remember that – let alone spell it!

Coffee again, then. And maybe talk about some other important matters. Like, what has happened to the last episode of “Revenge”.

Another hour passed. Whew, doing business is tough. Winston suggested we go for a non-dictionary term. Something that’s catchy but short. Maybe double-syllabled (think google, yahoo, facebook, twitter) What do these brands have in common? Checklist in place, we tick several criteria: companies that made millions, tick; web-based entities, tick; double-syllable words, tick… and have a double letter in their name, tick. Made us think then.

Okay, two-syllable word with a doubled-letter. Poopoo? Yuck. Whoohoo dot com? Taken. OohWah? Say what? Ah, another criteria is to have an Australian ring to the name. Oz, Aussie, Ozzie? All registered. Ooh-oz? Nah. Oozo? Taken. Who in the world will take that name??? Gaaaahh. Wait. Oozos! Oozos?

Everyone, say that three times: Oozos. Again, with feelings. Oozos! Last time. Oozos! (Hallelujah chorus started playing in the background – actually it’s more like the theme from Bob the Builder that our kids are watching, but who cares, right?)

Oozos. Nice! Has a ring to it. Two-syllables. Double-letters. Australian spirit. Perfect. And it’s unregistered! Ha! Take that domainregistry dot com!
Ooh… another cup of coffee. This is getting exciting! Our hearts started palpitating. Oh wait, that’s the effect of the coffee. No more coffee. Let’s dance. Celebrate! We have a name people! Watch out world: Oozos is here to conquer the web! But first, lunch, anyone?


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