Oozos Hears a Who

What or Who is Oozos?

OOZOS is the concept of three friends (Winston, Mariel and Vanessa) who share a great love and passion for online retail, running a business and most especially, our kids! We decided to pool together our passions and talents to create our own online kids clothing store, specialising in trendy and stylish outfits for adorable (or not) kids!

We decided to create this blog to share our journey, and serve as our own diary. If the business succeeds, then this blog will be known as the “How to Create a  Successful Online Kids Store“. If it goes the other way around, then this blog will be known as “Steps to Avoid to Create a Successful Online Kids Store“. Either way, win, win.  As a wise man once said:

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is more important than the outcome.”

So, we’ve decided to take that plunge, full of hope and faith that we would be able to reach our goals.

We’re excited to share it with the world. Along this journey, we would be sharing bits about our passions and visions, stories about our kids, the struggles and victories of starting an online business from scratch, and the fun and adventures we encounter along the way.

We are starting this with a seed capital of just $10,000. (If you find it in your heart to give us more money, then we won’t stop you, thank you very much)  As parents trying to balance raising kids and working professionally, we often wonder how difficult a journey like this can be.  We’re gonna try anyway.  So here’s another item to add to our hectic juggling act called life: start an online store specialising in up-market clothing line for kids.  Without prior know-how of apparel business, we’re venturing out because as parents we still dress up our kids, we still buy clothes for them – so why not start a business where we can try to convince others to buy quality clothes that we buy for our own kids as well.

We’re based in Sydney, Australia.  So we decided to highlight Australian designs and market it globally.  Fingers crossed and hearts with prayers, we take the first step…

Welcome to our journey,

Vanessa, Mariel and Winston


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